Wedding photographer Valencia price, Stanislav Huskov. Stanislav Huskov — Photographer Valencia, Spain, Europe



600 EUR

(IVA incluida)

— Shooting time 4 hours

— Proccessing from 150+ photos

— The first 10 photos on the same wedding day

— Assistance in posing

— Professional printing 20 photos in size of 15×21 cm 

— Downloading photos to a USB flash card (given as a gift) 

— Orders are accomplished up to 4 weeks  


2200 EUR

(IVA incluida)

— Shooting time 12 hours (the whole wedding day)

2 photographers

— Proccessing from 400+ photos

— The first 20 photos on the same wedding day

— Assistance in posing

— Professional printing 50 photos in size of 15×21 cm 

— Downloading photos to a USB flash card (given as a gift) 

— A Photo Book in “Premium” designer packaging

Video clip REELS / TikTok format

30% discount on Love Story photo shoot

— Orders are accomplished up to 4 weeks 

Still have questions about prices?

Write to me and I will contact you as soon as possible to determine the rate for your wedding

Свадебный фотограф в Испании. Свадебные кольца. Fotógrafo de bodas Valencia

The order terms:

● Extra hour will costs 100 EUR

● Additional photo retouching: 8 EUR — 1 photo

● It´s possible to order an additional photo album in a Premium class design pack of 30×30 cm or 23×23 cm 15 pages (or more):

  • 30×30 см — 200 EUR;
  • 23×23 см — 180 EUR;

● Edition priority: 60 EUR

● The photographer deliveres the finished material on time. Processing takes place in order of priority. If there is a possibility the photographer can finish photos processing and order delivery before the due date

● The ready photos have to be selected by the photographer. The initial photos are not delivered! The customer receives finally processed photos

● The photos are delivered by a link through the cloud storage in the best quality 

● The number of photos may vary, depending on the length of a photo session

● The above-mentioned prices are given for Valencia. Departure to other cities and countries is possible, it is necessary to discuss individually

● For the wedding season, please make reservations on the available dates in advance

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